LINUS Billabong Av Trollska*CH

Norwegian Forestcat; black tabby mackerel with white
(NFO - n 09 23)

Birthday 15th May 2003
Genotype: A- Dd ii Tt Ss ww oY

Dam: CH. Katharina Knie de la Maison Forte*CH
Sire: GIC. Ozzy Osborne Feux d'Aurès*F


Show result : V1 in CH-Littau/ Sept. 2003

Linus was the only male in a litter of six.
Today he lives toghether with Kalif at my brothers home.

Linus was just arrived in his new home as Kalif welcomed him curring! Linus had now to play with Kalif. Kalif let him no chance
to discover first his new home! Today they are real dream team!

Linus is a very strong male with an enormous long body and a bushy tail. The ears are well placed with very nice lynx-like
tufts. He just loves to play with the feather-frond and he can't stop anymore by his own! Linus is a little boo-boo and
he can argue heatedly.