KIMI Augustus Av Trollska*CH

Norwegian forest cat; Blue tabby mackerel
(NFO - a 23)

Birthday 21st September 2002
Genotype: A- dd ii T- ss ww oY

Dam: CH. High Chili av Snoborg*CH
Sire: IC. S*Zygot's O'Connor

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Kimi is the son of our lovely Chili and a real desire kitty.
Kimi and his brother Kalif are born in our first litter. We
decided to keep a kitten out of this litter, because we
had to desex Chili after her first litter.

Kimi is very promising, large and strong for his age, cuddly,
a turbo-speedy with enormous purr-engine, medium ears,
long and bushy tail and the expression of his mom,
which I love so much!

He really hates the cat shows and so he lives now as
happy neuter with as! We is a our teddy bear!