5 sweet little troll-babies are born on 3rd July 2004 !

Purebred kittens
with FFH-pedigree

  Anita Truttmann, NFO vom Snowvalley
A big thank you goes to Anita and Franco, who have let us mate Katy to such a wonderful male!

  Pictures were taken in the age of 12 weeks. (For more pictures, click on there names)
male, n 22
male, n 09 22
male, n 22
lives together with Mei-Lin
with familiy Wetzel
lives with Lucy & Felix with cat Mokka
lives with familiy Pergher
Nacho & Naimi and their dog Whisky
male, n 09 22
female, n 09 22
lives with fam. Eggenberger
lives together with Minosch
with familiy Wetzel