Katharina Knie de la Maison Forte*CH

Norwegian forest cat; Blue tabby blotched with white
(NFO - a 09 22)

Birthday 24 February 2002
Genotype: AA dd ii tt Ss ww oo

Dam: Manon Lescaut Felis Audax*DK
Sire: EC Fisher Blue Felis Audax*DK

Fife Champion
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When I first saw pictures from Katys father, I fall in love.
This year I discovered on the webpage from Paula Sweptson
that she is expecting kittens from Fishy and Manon and I had to contact her! Manon gave birth to one female and three males.
The lovely girl had my favorite colour:
blue tabby blotched with white.

And today I know not only her colour is a dream her character, too!!!! Chili and Katy like each other, play toghether and it's like
a mother with her daughter. Sophie has more distance to her!

Everybody is falling in love with Katy! She is always purring,
talks a lot with us and she can play like a turbo machine!
She is just a dream, which has stolen our heart at once.

Katys third litter was born July 2005
Katys second litter was born July 2004
Katys first litter was born in May 2003

Dear Paula, thanks so much for this wonderful lady!!!
Norwegian forest cats de la Maison Forte*CH