Norwegian forest cat - domestic cat - half breed
fs 09 (black tortoiseshell smoke with white)
Birthday 26 June 1999

Dam: Norwegian forest cat;
blue tortoiseshell silver tabby mackerel
Sire: Probably...?! red - white domestic cat

Sophie is a combination of the noble lady, the clever and
successful hunter, the masterly climber Max and the playful
cuddle tiger. All in one, in my eyes, the perfect cat!

I had rapidly fallen in love with the sweet litter of five kittens
from our friends. But I thought to know, that I wouldn't have
a chance to convince my mother to have cats at our home.
My mother likes cats, but she didn't like to bear the responsibility of a house full of animals, because that's always a big problem with me. But in autumn 1999 Sophie and her sister Trixi moved in and everything changed!

Sophie has a lot of the typical Norwegian forest cat characters. She comes forward down the trees, after she climbed acrobatics to the top of the tree. She has a wonderful coat quality with a very tight undercoat during the winter. Last but not least, she is very open to new situation and things and always ready for a game.
Sophie enjoys the free run in our neighbourhood and it doesn't matter how the weather is.