CH. High CHILI av Snoborg*CH

Norwegian forest cat;
Black tortoiseshell tabby mackerel with white
(NFO - f 09 23)

Birthday 13 May 2000
Genotype: A- Dd ii Tt Ss ww Oo

Parents: CH*Sunninghill's Faye x GIC. Prins-Barfott av Fager*D

FIFe Champion show result

Chili is our first Norwegian Forest cat. We bought her after we
lost our lovely Trixi through an accident We can be very happy
and proud today that Chili is living with us, because our friends were thinking of keeping Chili in their cattery. I like to say thank you very much to Marie-Louise and Andreas
NFO av Snoborg*CH
for their confidence.

Chili attracts attention, because of her long and bushy tail, her lynx-like brush on the top of her ears, her lovely coat pattern
and quality and her marvellous expression. She has a brilliant character and she loves to play and cuddle and knows really
good how to beg, too. She is my darling.

Chili gave brith to two lovely kittens on the 21st
September 2002
. This was an enormous lucky moment,
because in 2001 we had unlucky moments with Chilis pregnancy and babies. First she lost after 4 weeks pregnancy
her babies. After a second normal pregnancy she gave birth
to a dead kitten. In 2002 we tried it again with a different male. Unfortunately Chili couldn't gave birth to the kittens by herself.
It needed a caesarean and so we decided with a heavy heart
to let her desex in the same surgery.

Chili was a great mom to Kalif and Kimi.
She can now enjoy her life as a happy neuter and in the
future she can coddle her "great-children" in our cattery.